Black and White - Tips Up!

We are pleased to announce that our new spintop is available now! SHOP NOW>> We took what we learned from the first spintop and made some update...

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The New Spintop


We went back to our roots and updated the classic Bulldog, our original design, and updated it to reflect the current trends in play style. Starting ...

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Bulldog 225


Thanks Richy! The first CAK creation with the new stainless steel CAK inserts. Weighs in at 61 grams, about 1.75″ diameter, hand turned mahogany...

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The first SS-CAK Creation


New CAK kits available now…in stainless steel. Smaller design and extra added mass from the stainless steel improves the play quality and simpli...

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Stainless Steel CAK Kits


Chico Yo-Yo Company is proud to present our new spintop! Fully machined out of delrin, utilizes large (“C” size) bearings, weighs in at 88...

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Chico Tops!


Chico Yo-Yo Company is proud to present the Kestrel! Inspired by the lightweight raptor that can hover in nearly no wind, the Kestrel excels at horizo...

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The Kestrel is Flying